Protein Biology

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ Transfer Buffer (20X)

Use to transfer proteins from NuPAGE Novex gels to membranes for Western blotting NP TRANSFER BUF (20X)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ SimplyBlue™SafeStain

Less hazardous and does not require methanol or acetic acid fixatives or destains PROTEIN STAIN, SIMPLYBLUE(TM) SAFESTAIN FAST,specific and safe coomassie protein stain with

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ LDS Sample Buffer (4X)


Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ LTQ Velos ESI Positive Ion Calibration Solution

Calibrate LTQ Velos, LTQ Orbitrap and other mass spectrometers using a mixture of highly purified ionizable molecules designed for positive mode calibration. LTQ VELOS ESI POSIT. LON CAL.SOL.Solution, 10 ml

GE Healthcare Cy3B Maleimides


Lonza™ Kinetic-QCL™ Chromogenic LAL Assay Kit

Detects gram-negative bacterial endotoxin in human and animal parenteral drugs, biological products and medical devices. Lonza™ Kinetic-QCL™ Chromogenic LAL Assay Kit is a quantitative, end-product endotoxin test used with a microplate reader and detection software. X2400 Kinetic-QCL Bulk Kit (2400 Tests)

Lonza™ Pyrogent–5000 Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay

Pyrogent-5000 Bulk Kit 2250 Test Kit

Molecular Probes™ Qdot™ 655 ITK™ Streptavidin Conjugate Kit

Qdot™ 655 ITK™ Streptavidin Conjugate Kit 655 ITK STREPTAVIDIN CONJUGATE KIT 2µM SOLUTIONQdot(r) Invitrogen SKU Q10021MP 0kit

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ MOPS SDS Running Buffer (20X)

Made with high-purity reagents and are strictly quality controlled NUPAGE MOPS 20XRUN BUF

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ LAL Chromogenic Endotoxin Quantitation Kit

Accurately measure endotoxin levels (LPS, lipopolysaccharides) in protein, peptide or antibody samples using our Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay. PIERCE LAL CHROMOGENIC ENDOTOXIN QUANTITATION

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ Antioxidant

Proprietary reagent that maintains proteins in a reduced state during protein gel electrophoresis 15ML NUPAGE ANTIOXIDANT

MP Biomedicals™ Albumin, Bovine, For IVD, Low Ash and Metals

Prepared by heat shock fractionation 500GR ALBUMIN, BOVINE

Molecular Probes™ Alexa Fluor™ 647 Microscale Protein Labeling Kit

Alexa Fluor™ 647 Microscale Protein Labeling Kit ALEXA FLUOR 647 MICROSCALE PROfor 20-100 µg protein 3

Invitrogen™ Novex™ StainEase™ StainEase Staining Trays

Stains and solutions can be changed without having to handle the gel Stainease gelstainingtraykitThe StainEase Gel Staining Tray is a convenient

Invitrogen™ Novex™ pH 3-10 IEF Buffer Kit

Optimized for using with Novex™ pH 3-10 IEF gels IEF BUFFER KIT PH 3 TO 10 00

Duran™ Slit-Sieve Disc

Designed for use with Duran™ Filtering Apparatus DURAN Slit sieves, for disc diameter 120 mm

GE Healthcare Superdex™ 200 Increase 10/300 GL Prepacked Tricorn™ Columns

For size exclusion chromatography and analysis of proteins with molecular weights between 10,000 and 600,000. GE Healthcare Lifescience™ Superdex™ 200 Increase 10/300 GL Prepacked Tricorn™ Columns are designed for small scale preparative purification. Prepacked column, Superdex 200 Increase 10/300 GL

Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Human IL-8 Instant ELISA Kit

For the quantitative detection of human IL 8/NAP 1. 128TEST Human IL-8 Instant ELISA

Thermo Scientific™ Slide-A-Lyzer™ 10K MWCO MINI Dialysis Devices

Perform sample buffer exchange with these 10,000-MW cut-off (MWCO) disposable polypropylene cups with integrated, low-binding membranes. Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Devices, 10K,

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ MES SDS Running Buffer (20X)

Made with high-purity reagents and are strictly quality controlled NUPAGE MES 20X RUN BUF

Molecular Probes™ SiteClick™ Qdot™ 655 Antibody Labeling Kit

SiteClick™ Qdot™ 655 Antibody Labeling Kit SiteClick Qdot 655 Antibody Labeling Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ RIPA Buffer

Lyse cultured mammalian cells with this high-quality, ready-to-use and fully disclosed formulation of a popular cell lysis reagent. RIPA BUFFER, 250 MLlysis and extraction buffer 250mL Store at 4C,

Spectrum™ RC Dialysis Membranes 12,000 to 14,000 Dalton MWCO

Multipurpose dialysis tubing is ideal for general dialysis for a variety of applications and volumes 15M SPECTRA/POR 4 12-14K MWCO 75MM WIDTH

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Tris-Glycine SDS Running Buffer (10X)

Formulated for separation of proteins, in their denatured state, on Novex Tris-Glycine gels TS SDS 10X RUN BUF, 5L

Thermo Scientific™ Zeba Spin 7K MWCO Desalting Columns

Effectively remove salt and other molecules (7K MWCO) from samples and attain excellent protein recovery with these centrifuge-based chromatography columns. X50 Desalt spin column Pierce Zeba Micro (pack of

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hybond™ -N+ Membranes

Use for the highest sensitivity in DNA and RNA blotting. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ Hybond™ -N+ Membrane is a positively charged nylon membranes for use with radioactive and nonradioactive chemiluminescence and chemifluorescence detection. X50 Blotting membrane GE Healthcare Amersham

GE Healthcare Amersham™ ECL™ Western Blotting Detection Reagents

Use for all routine Western blotting. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ ECL™ Western Blotting Detection Reagents are the world’s first commercially available chemiluminescent detection reagents and still one of the most widely used. ECL WESTERN BLOT DETECTION REAGENT

Streptavidin Protein, HRP, Invitrogen™

Streptavidin Protein, HRP conjugate, 21126, from Invitrogen™, 21126, from Invitrogen™ Species Reactivity: ; Applications: ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Western Blot. 1 MG STREPTAVIDIN, HRP CONJUGATED 1MG STORE INfreezer at -20C

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ SP Sepharose Fast Flow IEX Columns

Use for small-scale protein purifications GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ HiTrap™ SP Sepharose Fast Flow IEX Columns are strong cation exchanger columns for rapid separations either alone or connected in series. X5 HITRAP SP FAST FLOW 1ML

Triton™ X-100 (Electrophoresis), Fisher BioReagents™

Chemical Name or Material: Triton™ X-100 CAS: 9002-93-1 Purity Grade: Electrophoresis Grade Physical Form: Liquid Linear Formula: 4-(C8H17) C6H4 (OCH2CH2)n OH (n∽10) Formula Weight: 646.86 Synonym: Polyethylene Glycol p-tert-Octylphenyl Ether 500ML Triton X-100 for Electrophoresis