Molecular Biology Reagents and Kits

Invitrogen™ Random Decamers (50μM)

Provided at a stock concentration of 50μM, and functionally tested using the RETROscript™ Kit 80 UL RANDOM DECAMERS (50 UM) 80µL STORE AT -20 C

Applied Biosystems™ TaqPath™ ProAmp™ Master Mix

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Environmental Master Mix 2.0 offers accurate, real-time PCR-based pathogen detection in the presence of high levels of inhibitors 1ML TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix

MP Biomedicals DNase-, RNase-Free Water

Suitable for the investigation of nucleic acid and protein synthesis. 1LT WATER, DNase, RNase-Free

Applied Biosystems™ Standard Calibration Install Kit, 96-well

This kit is used to maintain your ViiA™ 7 System with 96-well Block. Standard Calibration Install Kit, 96-well

BRAND™ PCR 8-Strip Caps

Manufactured from polypropylene without lubricants or chemical additives that can contaminate reagents and samples.PCR 8-Strip Caps are autoclavable and RNase-, DNase-, and DNA-free. Domed caps are available in a variety of colors for sample identification. X125 PCR cap strip Brand domed for tube strip

Invitrogen™ Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursor Negative Control #1

Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursor Negative Control #1 PRE-MIR NEG CONTROL #1, 5NMOLcontrol No. 1 Applied Biosystems

DyNAmo ColorFlash DyNAmo ColorFlash Probe qPCR Kit

Offers equal performance to the DyNAmo Flash Probe qPCR Kit. In addition, it incorporates an innovative multicolor system that ensures correct pipetting. 40 RXN DYNAMO COLORFLASH PROBE QPCR KIT 2X BLUEMmix, contains Hot-Start Polymerase, PCR buffer,

Axygen™ Caps for PCR Tubes

8-Strip domed or flat strip caps for Axygen PCR tubes x125 PCR 8-Cap Strip for 0.2ml Thin Wall Tube, PP,Non-sterile, RNase/DNase-Free

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Non-Skirted Plates, Low Profile

Low profile 96-well plates for use in PCR and qPCR applications. X25 THERMOFAST LP 96X0,2ML REDProfile, red, 25 plates

Applied Biosystems™ MAGnify™ SAT2 Primers


Applied Biosystems™ Custom 5' Fluorescent Labeled/Unlabeled Primer Pairs

Custom 5' Fluorescent Labeled/Unlabeled Pairs 300000PMOL Custom Tailed Primer Pair

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ SuperPlate 96-Well PCR Plates

96-well semi-skirted PCR plates with a flat deck for improved sealing in PCR and qPCR applications. X25 SUPERPLATE SSK 96X0,2ML NEUTRA

Thermo Scientific™ Low Profile Strip Tubes without Caps

Increase the efficiency of reactions with these low-profile strip tubes for PCR and qPCR applications. X120 STRIPS OF 8 LOW PROFILE TUBES

PCRmax™ Alpha Cycler 2 PCR Machine

The Alpha Cycler 2 (AC-2) dual independent block system allows multiple users to run different protocols simultaneously without needing multiple units. Ideal for multi-user environments or upscaling throughput. Alpha AC2 thermal cycler with one 96 and one 384 well blocks

SYBR™ SYBR™ Green PCR Master Mix

Everything needed for SYBR™ Green dye–based PCR amplification and detection in a convenient, single-tube format. 1 ML SYBR GREEN UNIVERSAL MASTER 1ML STORE AT 4°C

Invitrogen™ pUC19 DNA (Sau3A I digested)

Ambion pUC 19 DNA is digested to completion with Sau3A I 0.5 MG PUC19 DNA - SAU3A I DIGESTED 0.5MG STOREat -20 C

Axygen™ 96-well Low Profile PCR Microplates

Constructed with ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness to allow precise thermal transfer for optimum results. Corning™ Axygen™ 96-well PCR Microplates are the ideal option for use in PCR thermal transfer and Real-Time PCR applications. The low profile design results in faster and more efficient PCR reactions. X100 PCR microplate Axygen 96 well, low profile

Eppendorf™ 96 Wells Temperature Sensor Plate


Thermo Scientific™ 0.2 mL Strip Tubes

Optimize PCR and qPCR with these 0.2 mL strip tubes, available as 8 tubes per strip in several colors or 12 tubes per strip. X250 STRIP 8X0,2ML CAP DOMED ASSOR

Applied Biosystems™ MeltDoctor™ HRM Calibration Plate, 384-well

These plates provide thermal and optical calibration required for accurate and reproducible discrimination between melt curves. X384 MELTDOCTOR HRM CALIBRATION 384WELL STORE AT-20 C

Ambion™ Silencer™ Custom Designed siRNA


Custom DNA Oligo, 25N, Desalted, Liquid

Custom DNA Oligo, 25N, Desalted, Liquid DNA OLIGO,25N,DESALTED,LIQUID

Corning™ DNA-BIND™ 96-Well Plates

Convenient method for covalently immobilizing ssDNA by either the 5« or 3« end X10 96-Well solid plate, clear PS, DNA-BIND, flatBtm, no lid, Nonsterile, Individually Wrapped

Applied Biosystems™ TAMRA™ Dye Spectral Calibration Plate, 384-well

Used for TAMRA™ spectral calibration of your ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ 6 Flex, QuantStudio™ 7 Flex, or QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system with a 384-well block. TAMRA Dye Spectral Calibration Plate, 384-well

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ D-Luciferin

Firefly luciferase substrate for in vitro and in vivo applications 1GR D-LUCIFERIN, MONOSODIUM SALT

Applied Biosystems™ ViiA™ 7 Array Card Spectral Calibration Kit

Perform spectral calibration, region-of-interest (ROI) calibration and normalization on the ViiA™ 7 or QuantStudio™ 7 Flex or 12K Flex systems with array card block. Applied Biosystems™ ViiA™ 7 Array Card Spectral Calibration Kit includes empty array cards and seven tubes of calibration dyes. 1KIT ARRAY CARD DYE CALIBRATION KIT EACH

Eppendorf Sensor Plate Flat

Suitable plate for use with an X50 series PCR Mastercycler flat thermoblock. Sensor plate Flat ISO 17025

PowerUp™, SYBR™ PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix

Pre-formulated, optimized, universal 2X master mix for real-time PCR workflows. 5ML POWRUP SYBR MASTER MIX

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ 8-Cap Strip

Designed to fit on MicroAmp reaction tubes, tube strips, and 96-well plates X8 MICROAMP 8-CAP STRIP, ASSORTED COLOURS STOREat room temperature

Fisherbrand™ 96-Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plates

Directly compatible with all major thermal cyclers, including ABI instruments—can be used in ABI 96-well sequencers without adapters X25 Fisherbrand PCR plate 96-wells, half skirt, PP, green - FB-1100/G