Thermo Scientific™ Shake 'n' Stack™ Hybridization Ovens

Conserve valuable space in your lab with these ovens, featuring a stackable, space-saving design with excellent uniformity ideal for molecular biology labs. Hybaid Shake'n'Stack oven NEW MODEL (includes 10bottle capacity rotisserie, adjustable feet, drip

Binder™ Two Doors with Window and Interior Lighting

Provides visibility and illumination for climate chambers. Viewing window and interior lighting - 400 V option model, viewing window in each door, 470 x 290 mm

Binder™ Aluminum Chamber Rack

For use with standard boxes. Chamber rack, aluminum - for 6x4 standard boxes (50 mm), dimensions: H 331 x W 139 x D 558 mm

IKA™ DB 7.1 Block


Fisherbrand™ Anodized Aluminum Blocks

Useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings. Fisherbrand™ Anodized Aluminum Blocks are for use with Fisherbrand Digital Block Heaters.

Binder™ Reinforced Fan

To increase air change rates in Binder™ incubators and chambers. Fan, reinforced - to increase air exchange rate

Binder™ Stainless Steel Shelf

Binder™ Stainless Steel Shelf for use with various Binder™ incubators, chambers, and freezers. Shelf, perforated - stainless steel

Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Bath™ Incubator Modular Blocks

For use with Thermo Scientific Dri-Bath Incubators BLOCK ALU 12 TUBE 18MM

OHAUS™ Tube Block

OHAUS™ Tube Block is constructed of Valox 357 Plastic and accomodates a variety of tubes. Block For 8 X 15 mL Conical Tubes

Binder™ Expansion Rack

Binder™ Expansion Rack is constructed of aluminum or stainless steel for long lasting durability in vacuum drying chambers. Expansion rack - stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A)

Binder™ Access Port

A notch-type access port located in the door. Access port - notch-type access port in door, 100x 35 mm

Binder™ Divided Perforated Shelf

Binder™ Divided Perforated Shelf constructed of stainless steel is suitable for divided inner doors. Shelf (set of 2) for 6x div. inner door

Binder™ Ethernet Interface

For communication software. Ethernet interface - for communication software

Thermo Scientific™ Digital and Touchscreen Dry Bath Accessories

Get maximum flexibility for your Dry Baths/Block Heaters with a variety of accessories for any application. 12 x 18mm dia block

Memmert™ Bottom Drip Tray for Natural Air Circulation (Convection) Incubators

Memmert™ Bottom Drip Tray for Natural Air Circulation (Convection) Incubators is an optional accessory constructed of stainless steel for durability. Bottom drip tray, for IN750, max. loading per bottom drip tray: 8 kg

Medline Scientific™ Stainless Steel Wire Shelf

Readily removed without tools for easy cleaning. EDA8136 for IB-01E / IB-05G stainless steel 336mm

Stuart™ Medium Heating Block With SHB250BASE

Heating block base SHB250BASE Stuart medium

Bibby Scientific™ Integrity Heating Block Accessories

Intrusive IR probe Stem stainless steel for Stem

Binder™ Stacking Adapter

Stacking adapter, flat - for thermally decoupled stacking of two identical CB units

Binder™ Series BD-S Solid.Line Standard-Incubators

Binder™ Series BD-S Solid.Line Standard-Incubators are relaible and suited for research and assurance. Incubator BD-S 115

IKA™ DB 5.6 Block

DB 5.6 BLOCK 23 MM VIALS,23,8X45MM

Binder™ FLUORA™ Illumination Cassette

Fluorescent tube set for replacement of daylight fluorescent tubes. FLUORA® illumination cassette, accessories - replacement fluorescent tubes for one illumination

Binder™ Access Port with Silicone Plug, 50mm

Available in four different positions - top, right, left and back. Access port with silicone plug - 50 mm, right

Thermo Scientific™ Door Option Accessories for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Customize environmental chamber and incubator configurations to better suit the specific needs of the lab with Thermo Scientific™ Door Options Lexan® Inner Door Kit (five doors) for models 3940, 3948, 3949, 3960, 3961, 3962, FACTORY INSTALLED

Binder™ Qualification Folder IQ/OQ/PQ

Binder™ Qualification Folder IQ/OQ/PQ provides supporting documents for validation performed by customer. Qualification folder IQ/OQ/PQ - supporting documents for validation performed by customer

OHAUS™ Modular Blocks and Accessories

Constructed from solid anodized aluminum block. Module Block 15 mL Conical Centrifuge

OHAUS™ Module Block

OHAUS™ Module Block features close contact of tubes-to-walls allowing for maximum heat retention and is available with or without a thermometer well. Module Block Solid Double

BINDER™ CB 60 CO2 Incubator

BINDER™ CB 60 CO2 Incubator is suitable for all sensitive incubation applications and ensure optimal cell growth. CB060-230V-GO, with O

Fisherbrand™ Blocks for Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

A variety of blocks for any application Fisherbrand 8 x 20mm dia block