Hazardous Materials Storage and Disposal

Metro™ Super Erecta™ Top Track Stationary Intermediate Unit Kits

High-density, easy access storage Top-Track 24Stainless Steelintrmdte T - TTA24S

Gosselin™ Pipette Container

An excellent option for disposal of waste in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Pipette Container features a sturdy polypropylene plastic body. X16 Pipettes container 5L yellow

Justrite™ Steel Spill Tray

Supports up to a 5 gal. (19L) safety can with 1 quart spill capacity Safety spill tray

Fisherbrand™ Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch Stand

Offers protection against cuts by contaminated sharp objects during work in labs, clinics and medical offices Sharp Safety Pouch Stand

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ 144-Place PCR Tube Freezer Storage Boxes

Provide ULT freezer storage at temperatures down to -86°C X5 144 Place Freezer Storage Box

Azpack™ Polypropylene Storage Container

Keep food safe and ingredients fresh. Azpack™ Polypropylene Storage Container includes a snap on, airtight lid. STORAGE BOX 175X120X60MM, 0.75L

Metro™ High-Density qwikTRAK™ Mobile Unit Kits

Kit provides components for shelving units that fit on tracks for added mobility Qwiktrak Stnless Mbile Unit - BTMS

Metro™ Double-Deep Top-Track Stationary Intermediate Unit Kits

Connects intermediate units in Double-Deep systems and to overhead track sets 18 Dble-Deep Intermediate1 - LTTA18C

Sampling Systems™ 316 Stainless Steel Storage Containers without Toggle Clamps

Multi-purpose containers with light duty construction for a wide range of storage uses in the laboratory. Storage Container 316L ss - 30L

Pouds™ Wall Brackets

Sharps container Sharpsbin DD487 Wall bracket for

Justrite™ Type I Steel Safety Cans

Heavy-duty 24-gauge premium coated steel cans with double seal seams Safety Can, 1 Gallon (4L), Red,

Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover

Increase workplace safety and improve cleaniliness with the proper safety and storage equipment. The Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover helps to prevent spills when transferring flammable solvents, thinners, oils, or paint wastes. This self-closing model meets NFPA1 and the International Fire Code. It shuts and locks automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74°C) under fire conditions. Funnel drum assembly wide mouth, hinged stay open

S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps

Use S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps to ensure maximum chemical resistance against organic solvents and other aggressive chemicals, and thus for optimum protection of health and environment. Constructed of PTFE and PE-HD, the exhaust vent filter absorbs 99% of all volatile substances that can evaporate from the containers during solvent disposal.. SafetyWasteCap S90, 4x2,3/3,2mm OD, 1x6,4 - 9mm ID

Metro™ Super Erecta™, Super Erecta Pro™ and Super Adjustable™ 2 Top-Track Stationary End Unit Kits

Connects stationary end units to overhead track sets Top-Track 24 K3 End Kittop - TTE24K3

Key Industrial Equipment™ Bucket with lid, 26 litre capacity

X15 Pk 15 open top containers cap. 25.0ltr. Hxdia.

S.C.A.T. Europe™ Collecting Tray

The safety Collecting tray, HDPE. Collecting tray, PE-HD

Justrite™ Coalescing Carbon Filters

Use with Justrite Quick-Disconnect Safety Cans X3 Safety can Centura spare filters (pack of 3

Sampling Systems™ Stainless Storage Drum

Robust, hygienic design makes them suitable for the most demanding of applications. Samping Systems™ Stainless Storage Drum has a very high quality finish and is supplied with sturdy side handles, lid, gasket and clamband. Stainless Steel Drums 50L

Justrite™ Nonmetallic Self-Close Corrosive Safety Containers

Designed to resist acids and caustics S/CLOSING LAB. CAN 4L OVA

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Waste and Sharps Container, White Hinged Cap

CORNING GOSSELIN™ Waste and Sharps Container, White Hinged Cap is constructed of polypropylene and available in a variety of sizes. X65 Waste & sharp container 0.8L PPyellow H170 L114 W72 + hinged cap white

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ EX Flammable Safety Cabinet

When using a Sure-Grip EX Flammable Safety Cabinets, these two-door and bifold door cabinets protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by allowing storage of flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant, sturdy 18-gauge steel structures. SAFETY CABINET 570L AUTOMATIC

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Waste Disposal Can with Lift-up Cover

Bright, red safety disposal container suitable for biological/biohazard materials, broken glass, recyclables or other waste Biohazard Disposal Can with Lift-up coverPolypropylene

SCAT SafetyWasteCap S60/61 Thread

Safely connect your system waste tubes directly to your disposal system container via the ports in this cap. SafetyWasteCap S60/61 2x2,3/3,2mm OD, 1x6,4-9mm ID

Metro™ Starsys™ Overhead Storage Unit

29 Overhead/2 Shfs/Clr Lk Drs - SXRDOH27P2N

Metro™ Flexline™ Cart Accessories

Side/recessed storage accessories Waste Basket 28Qt And Holdrwas - FL221

Sharpsafe™ 24L Infectious Sharps for Incineration Waste Container

The generous size of the 24L model means it is particularly suited for areas generating large amounts of contaminated waste. Sharps container Sharpsguard 4120 rectangular

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Square All-Purpose Boxes

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Square All-Purpose Boxes are for storing, packing, taking samples, sampling, and transport of pastes, granules, powders, soil samples and frozen goods. All-purpose box PE 3200ml

Sharpsguard™ pharmi 11.5 Multi-Purpose 10.91L Waste Container

An ideal general-purpose pharmaceutical waste container for the disposal of medicinal waste in original packaging. Sharpsguard™ pharmi 11.5 Multi-Purpose 10.91L Waste Container is supplied with lid assembled.
Sharps container DD210 pail type aperture lidpolypropylene yellow c/w blue lid 11.5L

Justrite™ Solid Polyethylene Acid Cabinets: One-Door Countertop Model

Superior protection against harsh acids, rust and corrosion SAFETY CABINET SOLID POLYETHYLENE, COUNTERTOP,for corrosives, one door, welded bottom sump,

Justrite™ Drum Cradle

For easily moving and securing 55 gal. (208L) drums DRUM CRADLE