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Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Fixable Viability Dye eFluor™ 780

Can be used to irreversibly label dead cells prior to cryopreservation, fixation and/or permeabilization procedures. Unlike 7-AAD and PI, cells labeled with Fixable Viability Dyes can be washed, fixed, permabilized and stained for intracellular antigens without loss of staining intensity.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ 65-0865-18

Additional Details : Weight : 0.05000kg

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  • Fixable Viability Dyes may be used to label cells from all species
  • Fixable Viability Dye eFluor™ 780 can be excited by the red (633nm) laser line and has a peak emission of 780nm that can be detected using a 780/60 band pass filter (equivalent to APC-eFluor™ 780 or APC-Alexa Fluor™ 750)
  • For compensation, it is recommended to use a sample of the cells of interest stained with the Fixable Viability Dye
  • If the percentage of dead cells is expected to be less than 5%, then it is recommended to take a small aliquot of cells and heat them at 65°C for 1 minute then immediately place on ice for 1 minute. After this treatment, the heat-killed cells can be combined 1:1 with live cells and then stained with the Fixable Viability Dye.
  • Fixable Viability Dye eFluor™ 780 is supplied as a pre-diluted solution prepared in high-quality, anhydrous DMSO. It should be protected from light and moisture
  • Store at −70°C with dessicant
  • It may be freeze-thawed up to 20 times
  • Allow vial to equilibrate to room temperature before opening
  • Testing at eBioscience suggests that compensation out of most detectors is negligible, with compensation out of PE-Cyanine7 being the highest at <5%
  • Actual compensation values will depend on each investigator's specific instrument, filter sets, and PMT voltage settings
  • Staining may be done before or after surface staining
  • Cells may be cryopreserved after staining with no adverse effect on staining intensity of dead cells after thawing


500 tests
Flow Cytometry

For Research Use Only