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The Fisher Scientific channel is here to support the entire diagnostic and testing laboratory workflow, whether you are involved in production, quality control and research or diagnostic test manufacture.

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Diagnostic & Testing Lab Workflow

Diagnostic & Testing Lab Workflow

Find all you need for your Research and Production of Diagnostic Testing, Medical Devices and Environmental Analysis.



Water Testing Technology

The Latest Water Testing Technology

Discover the best offers on water testing products, selected by scientists for you.

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Testing Lab, Environmental and Diagnostic Innovation

Testing Lab Innovation

Discover key research and development for your laboratory, in consumables, chemicals and reagents, equipment, instruments, and safety.

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Our Velp Solutions

Learn more about our food and beverage, waste and wastewater, and environmental solutions.

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Step 1: Sample Collection, Handling & Storage

Step 2: Biology & Microbiology

Explore a range of products to support your microbiology, protein-based and molecular biology research, plus a rich assortment of items to advance your cell culture, PCR and qPCR workflows.

Step 3: Analysis & Production Testing

Step 4: Chemicals

Browse a wide selection of acids, bases, solvents, blends and custom chemicals in the quantities and specifications that work best for your research.

Step 5: Safety & PPE

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