Chromatography Fittings Tubing and Supplies

Cytiva Plastic TC Clamp

For use with the ÄKTA™ Pilot chromatography system. Cytiva Plastic TC Clamp is a white 25mm tri-clamp for providing a sanitary, secure connection.

Cytiva PolyPropylene Polyamide Net Ring

Used with XK 26 Columns and C 26 Columns. Cytiva PolyPropylene Polyamide Net Rings are designed for i.d 26 mm, 10 µm columns.

Cytiva Column Holder

Holds ÅKTA columns. Cytiva Column Holder for columns with outer diameter between 10 and 50mm.

Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kit

Used for AKTA chromatography systems.  Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kits are resistant to organic solvents and salt buffers commonly used in chromatography of biomolecules.

Cytiva Support Screens for XK and HiScale Columns

For use with XK and HiScale Columns

Cytiva Titanium On-line Filter Kit

Used in chromatography of biomolecules. Cytiva Titanium On-line Filter Kit is resistant to most organic solvents and salt buffers commonly found in chromatography applications.

Cytiva FEP Tubing Kit

Can be used as inlet or outlet tubing for AKTA Avant systems

Kinesis™ PEEK Chromatography Tubing

An excellent replacement for stainless steel tubing

Cole-Parmer™ Poly-Net™ HDPE Protective Netting

Prolong the life of all types of glassware with HDPE protective netting. Poly-Net™ HDPE Protective Netting fits snugly over laboratory glassware to reduce breakage and safeguard against flying glass.

Cole-Parmer™ BarbLock™ Ultra-Secure Retainer

BarbLock assemblies provide uniform 360-degree radial crimping for a leak-free, durable seal

Idex PFA Tubing

Offers excellent chemical resistance, lower gas permeability, smoother surface texture, higher continuous service temperature and superior polymer purity

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Quick-Disconnect Straight Coupling Insert

Quick-disconnect fitting with simple push-to-connect interface for your rigid tubing

Thermo Scientific™ UHPLC Filters

Protects columns without compromising performance.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Flex-Column Chromatography Fittings: Adapter with 1/4-28 MaleThread to Male Luer

This ETFE FLEX-COLUMN™ fitting is a male adapter with 1/4-28 thread to male Luer.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Chromatography Column ETFE Nut for 1/16 in. Tubing

Tubing nuts and ferrules are used to make connections between the tubing and the end fittings of CHROMAFLEX™, FLEX-COLUMN™ and DISPOSAFLEX™ columns.

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Panel-mount John Guest Valved Fitting

Quick-disconnect fitting with simple push-to-connect interface for your rigid tubing

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Panel-mount Gasket for Miniature Non-spill Connectors

With the miniature non-spill quick-disconnect coupling, fluid line protection has never been easier

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Polysulfone Coupling Insert

Features a smooth inner bore and leak-free seal protect against contamination

Cole-Parmer™ PFA Threaded Plug

Threaded fittings offer more permanent installation

Cole-Parmer™ Threaded Reducing Bushings, NPT(M) x NPT(F), Stainless Steel

Cole-Parmer™ Threaded Reducing Bushings, NPT(M) x NPT(F), Stainless Steel offer a more durable, permanent installation.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Disposaflex™ Lower Column Fitting

For Disposaflex Disposable Polypropylene Column Set

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Twin Tube™ Coupling Body

Easily handle multiple tubing lines in processes that require connection and reconnection. Multiline couplings simplify the manual steps in your process for quick transfers and minimize your down time.

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Panel Mount Gasket Couplers

Virtually eliminate any loss of product with this leak-free design

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Chromaflex Chromatography Fittings : Adapter with 1/2-20 to 1/4-28 Thread

Converts 1/2-20 threads on CHROMAFLEX™ column end fittings to 1/4-28 threads.