Merck Millipore Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units

Achieve both high sample recovery and fast sample processing. Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units feature regenerated cellulose membranes that are ideal for protein and nucleic acid purification, concentration and desalting. Available in several diameters and molecular weight limits. X8 Amicon Ultra 15ml 10K

Merck Millipore Immobilon™-FL PVDF Transfer Membranes

Designed specifically for Western blots and protein sequencing. Immobilon™-FL PVDF Transfer Membranes are plain surfaced with 0.45μm pores and have lower background fluorescence than other membranes. Available in 10cm and 20cm squares and a 3.75m roll. X10 Immobilon-FL 10x10cm sheet PVDF 0.45um

Merck Millipore Immobilon™ Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate (ECL)

Provides high sensitivity over a broad detection range at an economical price X2 IMMOBILON WESTERN CHEMILUM HRP SUBSTRATE 50ml

Merck Millipore Stainless-Steel Pressure Filter Holders

Ultraclean or sterilize liquids or gases by pressure filtration FILTER HOLDER 293MM 316SS

Merck Millipore Ultrafree-MC Centrifugal Filter

Ideal centrifugal filter for protein extraction, protein purification and sample prep. Ultrafree-MC Centrifugal Filter is a single-use, disposable filter. X25 ULTRAFREE-MC PTFE LH 25

Merck Millipore MultiScreenHTS Durapore™ 96-Well Filter Plates

Designed for full automation compatibility. MultiScreenHTS Durapore™ 96-Well Filter Plates are innovative plates ideal for bead based assays. Opaque Barex™ and clear, sterile or non-sterile styrene and racks are available in a range of pore sizes. X50 MultiScreen HTS HV Durapore PVDF .45um Clear Non-sterile

Merck Millipore Color Standards Chart

Filter color standards for fluid sampling kits ASTM COLOR STDS

Merck Millipore Steritop Threaded Bottle Top Filter

The Stericup™ vacuum filtration system is the most efficient single-use, disposable process for sterile media preparation. It combines a Steritop™ filter unit with a receiver flask for processing and storing volumes from 150 mL to 1,000 mL in a single, ready-to-use format. X12 Stericup Quick Release-GP Sterile Vacuum Filtration System, 150mL Express Plus PES .22um

Merck Millipore Ultrafree™-MC Centrifugal Filter Devices with Durapore™ Membrane

Prepare and purify microcentrifuge samples. Ultrafree™-MC Centrifugal Filter Devices with Durapore™ Membrane enables fast, convenient sample preparation of very low hold-up volumes. Available in sterile and non-sterile versions and a variety of pore sizes. X50 ULTRAFREE MC GV STER

Merck Millipore Isopore™ Membrane Filter

For microscopy and visual analysis. Isopore Membrane Filter is a polycarbonate, track-etched screen filter recommended for all analyses in which the sample is viewed on the surface of the membrane. It offers distinct advantages for analysis X50 ISOPORE POLYCARB .1UM WH PPL 142MM

Merck Millipore Millex™ Filters: Inlet and Outlet for Latex Tubing

Protect vacuum sources and tank/bioreactor venting from contamination and moisture damage. Millex™ Filters: Inlet and Outlet for Latex Tubing are constructed of sturdy polypropylene with hydrophobic PTFE membranes. Available in 0.2, 0.45 and 1.0μm pore sizes. X10 Millex-FA 50mm PTFE 1.0um Non-sterile HB-HB

Merck Millipore Steritest™ EZ Device for Ampoules/Collapsible Bag

Used for sterility testing of large volume parenterals and synthetic drugs without antimicrobial activity. Steritest™ EZ Device for Ampoules/Collapsible Bags include a single needle for easy access to ampoules and bags and a separate vent needle. X10 Steritest EZ filtration device, sterile, for sterility testing of liquids in ampoules or bags

Merck Millipore Swinnex™ Filter Holders

Ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X10 SWINNEX 13MM FILTER HOLDERs

Merck Millipore Chemicon™ Human Plasma Fibronectin Purified Protein

Suitable for cell propagation in vitro 1MG Hu Plasma Fibronectin

Merck Millipore Novagen™ Benzonase™ Nuclease, >99%

Degrades all forms of single strand, double stranded, linear, circular DNA RNA. BENZONASE, PURITY, MAIOR 99%, SIZE = 10 KU

Merck Millipore Millex™ Nonsterile Syringe Filters with PE Housing - Hydrophobic PTFE

For removing particulates, reducing signal-to-noise ratios and maintaining flat baselines X100 Millex-FG 4mm Phobic PTFE .20um Non-sterile

Merck Millipore Inline Filter Holder

Supports inline production of ultraclean liquids or gasses by pressure prefiltration IN-LINE PP FILTER HOLDER, 47MM

Merck Millipore Nylon-Net Steriflip™ Vacuum Filter Unit

Sterile, disposable filter unit for cell isolation X25 STERIFLIP 60UM NYLON NET NY60 RS

Merck Millipore MultiScreenHTS 96-Well Filter Plates

For filtration-based solubility determination. MultiScreenHTS 96-Well Filter Plates are specifically developed for use with automation. X10 MultiScreen HTS IP Durapore PVDF .45um Clear Sterile



Merck Millipore Sterivex Sterile Pressure-Driven Devices

Minimize contamination risk to filtered solution by direct-dispensing design. Sterivex Sterile Pressure-Driven Devices are ready-to-use units that filter solutions with volumes of 100 to 2000mL. Available in a variety of fittings, pore sizes and membrane types. X15 Sterivex-GV Durapore PVDF .22um RS w/ Luer Outlet

Merck Millipore Replacement Parts for Swinnex™ Filter Holders

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X100 SILICONE GASKET FOR SWINNEX 25MM

Merck Millipore Funnel, 300mL for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Replacement part for models XX1014700 / XX1014730 / XX1514700 vacuum filter assemblies. Funnel, 300mL for 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders is a graduated funnel made of autoclavable borosilicate glass. Glass funnel, borosilcate, 300ML

Merck Millipore Millex™ Sterile Syringe Filters: Durapore™ PVFD Membrane

Ready-to-use, syringe-driven units designed for sterilizing and clarifying sterile solutions are available in 0.1, 0.22, 0.45 and 5.0µm pore sizes X50 Millex 33mm Durapore PVDF .45um Sterile

Merck Millipore Stericap™ PLUS Sterile Bottle-Top Filter Device

For ultrafast, aseptic sterilization of 5 to 10L using vacuum filtration X10 Stericap PLUS Express Plus PES .22um RS

Merck Millipore Ground Joint Flask for Vacuum Filtration, Conical Bottom

Accessory part for the All-Glass Filter Holders Kits and MilliSolve Kit Vacuum Flask, 2l

Merck Millipore Polybrene Infection/Transfection Reagent

Improve the efficiency of retroviral vector infection for gene transfer into mammalian cells using polybrene. Polybrene Infection/Transfection Reagent can enhance infection/transfection efficiency as much as 1,000 fold. Polybrene Transfection Reagent

Merck Millipore MultiScreen™ PCRμ96, PCR96, and PCR384 Filter Plates

Fully automatable PCR product purification X50 MultiScreen PCR 96

Merck Millipore Amicon™ Pro Affinity concentration Kit Protein G with Amicon™ Ultra-0.5 Device: Reagents

Reagents for Amicon Pro Affinity Concentration Kit Protein G with Amicon Ultra–0.5 Device 1SET Amicon Pro Affinity Concentration Kit Protein G

Merck Millipore Glass Vacuum Filter Holder: 90 mm

Vacuum filter aqueous, organic, or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis. Glass Filter Holder W/SS Screen, 90mm


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