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Platinum™, SYBR™ GreenER™ SYBR GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix Universal

Incorporate the latest high-performance technology to provide the most reliable gene expression data on a variety of platforms including ABI 7500, Corbett Rotor-Gene™ etc.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ 11762500

Additional Details : Weight : 1.00000kg

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SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMixes Universal incorporate the latest high-performance technology to provide the most reliable gene expression data on a variety of platforms, including ABI 7500, Corbett Rotor-Gene™, MJ Chromo4™ and Opticon™, and Stratagene instruments. The SYBR™ GreenER™ system is specially formulated to offer the best sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility with. A novel dsDNA-binding dye exhibits a brighter signal for increased sensitivity and less PCR inhibition than original SYBR™ Green I, while using the same instrument filters and settings. An optimized buffer system improves sensitivity and provides excellent long-term stability. Uracil DNA glycosylase reduces carryover contamination in qPCR.
Eight cDNA targets and eight genomic DNA targets were amplified from 1ng of cDNA and 6pg of gDNA, respectively, on the ABI PRISM™ 7900HT Sequence Detection System using the SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix for ABI PRISM™ instruments. For all 16 targets, detection was positive in the presence of template but negative for all no-template controls.

  • The SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix kits include a new dsDNA-binding dye that produces a brighter signal and significantly less PCR inhibition, for improved qPCR performance over a broad dynamic range

Consistent Specificity and Low-Copy Detection:
  • The SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR reagent system minimizes the formation of nonspecific products, including primer-dimers, for greater accuracy across a wide range of targets
  • The reliability of the SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR reagent system also translates to greater sensitivity
  • With SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix, you can consistently detect fewer than 10 copies of a target in genomic DNA


Contains SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix Universal (12.5 mL). SYBR™ GreenER™ qPCR SuperMix Universal is a 2X SuperMix with ROX Reference dye provided in a separate tube (500 µL). Sufficient reagents are provided for 500 reactions based on a 50 µL reaction size.

Store at +4°C upon receipt.
Platinum™, SYBR™ GreenER™
Dry Ice
7500 System, Stratagene Mx4000, Stratagene Mx3000P, Stratagene Mx3005P, MJ Chromo4, MJ Opticon
DNA (Genomic), cDNA
Real Time PCR (qPCR)
500 Reactions of 50 μL

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.