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Invitrogen™ Chargeswitch™ Pro Filter Plasmid Mini Kit

Brand:  Invitrogen™ CS31103

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Includes: The ChargeSwitch™-Pro Plasmid Miniprep Kit contains Miniprep Columns with Collection Tubes, Recovery Tubes, Resuspension Buffer, RNase A, Lysis Buffer, Precipitation Buffer, Wash Buffers 1 and 2, and Elution Buffer.



The ChargeSwitch™-Pro Plasmid Filter Mini Kits generate high-quality plasmid DNA without the use of harsh or potentially interfering reagents, for better success in downstream applications. The system is based upon a novel dual/nested column design which facilitate the fastest and simplest protocol for high quality plasmid. The system is composed of two columns. The inner flat bottomed column, also referred to as “lysate clarification” column, contains filter materials suitable for rapid clarification of bacterial lysate. The outer luer bottomed column, also referred to as “binding” column, contains ChargeSwitch™ (CST) derivatized membrane that immediately binds plasmid DNA from the clarified lysate. This nested-column design enables simultaneous clarification and DNA binding in a single short centrifugation (or vacuum) step. The combined advantages of novel, optimized plastics and a unique chemistry are an extreme competitive advantage of speed and convenience.

  • 100% ethanol-free, guanidinium-free, organics-free, aqueous protocol for a safer, more streamlined method
  • Cleaner purified product for improved performance in downstream applications
  • A novel Dual/nested column design for simultaneous lysate clearing and binding step which offers the fastest and the simplest protocol
  • Endotoxin units < 10 EU/μg DNA for
  • Vacuum Elution can be done with the EveryPrep™ Universal Vacuum Manifold (Cat. No. K211101)

How it works
The ChargeSwitch™ technology replaces the use of ethanol, chaotropic salts, or organic solvents for nucleic acid purification with a simple ion-exchange mechanism. At low pH values (<6.5) the ChargeSwitch™ surface ligand is positively charged and binds plasmid DNA. Raising the pH (>8.5) neutralizes the charge and elutes the bound nucleic acid. The ChargeSwitch™ protocol retains the ease and familiarity of the common silica spin column protocol with a binding, washing, and elution step, making adapting to the ChargeSwitch™ method effortless.

Order Info

Shipping Condition: Room Temperature



Spin Column
ChargeSwitch™ Chemistry
Plasmid DNA
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
100 Preps
100 Preps
Room Temperature
5 ml
30 µg
Spin Column
Bacterial Culture
50 to 150 µl
Next-Generation Sequencing, Transfection, Cloning, Sequencing, Transformation, Nucleic Acid Labeling, PCR, In Vitro Transcription
Miniprep Columns with Collection Tubes, Recovery Tubes, Resuspension Buffer, RNase A, Lysis Buffer, Precipitation Buffer, Wash Buffers 1 and 2, and Elution Buffer
< 100 µg (Small-Scale) Plasmid DNA
Pro Filter Plasmid Mini Kit
Transfection Grade
100 preps
Plasmid DNA
15 min
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