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Hydrochloric Acid 0.1 M (0.1 N) Analytical Volumetric Solution (AVL), Reagecon

Fully factorized, high purity, stable, certified product, developed and tested for acid/base titrations.

Brand:  Reagecon H20101

Additional Details : CAS Number : 7647-01-0 Weight : 1.00400kg Transport : UN number : 1760 Chem class : 8 Pack group : III

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Product Code. 11506783

  • 68.41 DKK / 1 L

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  • Titrant, Standard Titrant, Standard Solution, Standardized Solution, Reference Standard, Reference Material
  • Accurate, stable, reproducible and fully factorized.
  • Titrations performed with this product, exhibit defined stoichiometry, are quantitative, establish an equilibrium that is definitive and fast and provide unambiguous results.
  • Stability is proven (either opened or unopened) for the shelf life of this product.
  • Certified by Reagecon’s ISO 17025 Accredited Test Method (INAB Ref: 264T)
  • Certified to a specification of ± 0.1%.
  • Product is a reagent of known concentration, that is dispensed from a burette or other dispensing apparatus to a sample (analyte), until a reaction between the two liquids is judged to be complete.
  • May be used for manual titrations, or automatic titrations, to determine the end points by detection of any of several properties.
  • Acid/base titrations, also called neutralization titrations, are used to determine either the amount of acid/base in a sample or the substance that can be converted to an acid/base.


1 L
0.1 M (0.1 N)
HDPE Bottle GL45