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CD267 (TACI) Rat anti-Mouse, APC, Clone: ebio8F10-3, eBioscience™

Rat Monoclonal Antibody

Brand:  Affymetrix eBioscience 17-5942-81

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Description: The monoclonal antibody eBio8F10.3 recognizes TACI (Transmembrane Activator and Calcium-modulator and CAML Interactor) also known as CD267. TACI is a type III membrane protein belonging to the TNF receptor superfamily. The ligand for TACI has been shown to be BAFF (BLyS) and APRIL. TACI is expressed on the surface of a subset of maturing splenic B cells of the transitional type termed T2. Genetic studies have shown a role for TACI in both stimulation and inhibition of B cell proliferation. This actual role for TACI in the mouse has still not been determined. Recently human TACI has been shown to have repressive activities which inhibit BAFF-R function. Applications Reported: This ebio8F10-3 antibody has been reported for use in flow cytometric analysis. Applications Tested: This ebio8F10-3 antibody has been tested by flow cytometric analysis of mouse splenocytes. This can be used at less than or equal to 0.25 µg per test. A test is defined as the amount (µg) of antibody that will stain a cell sample in a final volume of 100 µL. Cell number should be determined empirically but can range from 10^5 to 10^8 cells/test. It is recommended that the antibody be carefully titrated for optimal performance in the assay of interest. Excitation: 633-647 nm; Emission: 660 nm; Laser: Red Laser. Filtration: 0.2 μm post-manufacturing filtered.

Members in the TNF superfamily regulate immune responses and induce apoptosis. Two novel members in the TNF family were recently identified and designated BAFF/BLyS/TALL-1/THANK/zTNF4 and April/TALL-2, respectively. BAFF was characterized as a B cell activator since it induced B cell proliferation and immunoglobulin secretion. April regulates immunological and non-immunological cell growth. Three receptors, BCMA, TACI, and BAFF-R, for BAFF and April were recently identified. TACI, like BCMA, binds BAFF and April. TACI and its ligands regulate humoral immune responses, activate NF-kappa-B and c-jun N-terminal kinase, and are involved in B cell associated autoimmune diseases.


CD267 (TACI)
0.2 mg/mL
PBS with 0.1% gelatin and 0.09% sodium azide; pH 7.2
CD267, CVID, CVID2, TACI, TNFRSF14B, transmembrane activator and CAML interactor, tumor necrosis factor receptor 13B, tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 13B
Affinity chromatography
Flow Cytometry
IgG2a, kappa
50 μg
4° C, store in dark, DO NOT FREEZE!

For Research Use Only.