Do You Ever Think How Safe are Your Samples at -80°C? Eppendorf Freezers and ULT Solutions Provide All the Answers

Find out how Eppendorf can answer this question and give you peace of mind.

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After nearly 40 years, our freezer journey still continues in Eppendorf. By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with future-proven sample monitoring and management systems, we have designed a new icon for -86 °C ultra-low temperature freezers in the 700 L class, the green CryoCube™ F740 freezer series. But that is just the beginning of the journey. In this webinar we will provide an objective look at all the challenges.

Webinar key topics:

  • The impact of freezer performance on sample safety
  • What can affect the reliability of your freezer and how you can contribute to improve it
  • The different approaches to sample monitoring

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Our Speaker

team member

Mr. Stephen Dey

Head of Regional Segment Marketing Europe, Eppendorf

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