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The longer stability tests run, the more valuable the results get. Reliable operation, uniform and reproducible test conditions are key to staying on tight test schedules. The Solid.Line constant climate chamber is especially designed to do this for accelerated stability tests according to ICH Q1A or WHO climate zones I to IVa.

Did you ever ask yourself how temperature and humidity are controlled? Or what is the difference between temperature and climate performance? See how a simple climate grid visualises performance ranges. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have internal illumination for better viewing? Did you know that Solid.Line allows up to a third more load per shelf than conventional chambers? Learn more about the basics and specifics of this series as well as the services available for this rock-solid performer!

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Webinar key topics:

  • Fill your shelves with up to 30% more samples
  • See how unique design enables 4 times more accurate climate conditions
  • Discover how BINDER made-to-last design keeps you on your testing schedule
  • Learn more about our IQ, OQ and PQ documentation services

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Mr. Lothar Maresch

Biologist, Binder Academy Manager

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