Cole Parmer™ Masterflex™ L/S™ Easy-Load™ II Pump Head For High-Performance Tubing

Pump viscous liquids and get better pressure generation and suction lift with these pump heads. Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ L/S™ Easy-Load™ II Pump Heads For High-Performance Tubing feature automatic retention to hold tubing in place with no manual adjustment. Just load the tubing and start the pump. EASY LOAD PUMP HEAD S. 15/24/35/35

Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump

Positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump an save considerable time and resources while greatly improving process efficiency. MCP3000 12/8 Multichannel pump 12ch,8rlr

DURAN™ Conical Rubber Gaskets for Filtering Flasks w/ Size 22 to 84mm

Guko Set (rubber gaskets conical, for filtering flask),8 parts, size d=22-84mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Aspirator Vacuum Pump

Attach this vacuum pump directly to sink faucets for vacuum draw. It operates efficiently with water pressures as low as 7.5 psig for minimum water consumption. PUMP,VACUUM,ASPIRATOR,PP POLYETHYLENE TUBING

Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump

Accommodates 10μL to 60mL glass or plastic syringes of any make. Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump is an infusion pump with a fast flow rate. SYRINGE PUMP NUMERIC 1 CANAL

Fisherbrand™ GP1100 Peristaltic General Purpose Pump System

Combines highly regarded peristaltic pump technology with innovative digital control to provide robust performance at an economical value. Fisherbrand™ GP1100 General Purpose Peristaltic Pump System ideal for a variety of applications. GP1100 peristaltic General Purpose Pump System

Cole-Parmer™ MasterFlex™ L/S™ Variable-Speed Air Powered Pump Drive

Use this drive in hazardous locations where electrical power is unsafe or impractical. Cole-Parmer&trade MasterFlex™ L/S™ Variable-Speed Air Powered Pump Drive features air/speed regulator with 5μm air filter, automatic lubricator, 0 to 30psi pressure gauge and muffler. PUMP DRIVE MASTERFLEX L/S ACCEPTS 2 HEADS 3.6 -3400mL/min flow capacity 60 - 600rpm air-powered

Edwards Vacuum™ XDS35i Vacuum Pump

Pump BOC Edwards Vacuum Dry 100-230V 50-60Hz

Fisherbrand™ FB65464 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. Fisherbrand™ FB65464 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump designed for laboratory applications requiring a deep vacuum. Vacuum pump offer FB65464 two stage rotary vaneultimate vacuum 2 x 10¬-3 mbar 540mm x 170mm x

Fisherbrand™ Aspiration Advantage System

Compact and portable unit with an integrated resistant diaphragm pump, used for the safe and precise aspiration of non-flammable chemical, biological, and medical liquids. Fluids can be removed easily and very precisely from slides, petri dishes, microplates, cell culture containers or similar vessels by using different pipettes or glass tips which can be easily connected to the HandVac pipettor attachment. Aspiration Advantage System with 4L polypropylene

Welch Ilmvac™ Labovac 10 Oil

Use this mineral oil with standard rotary vane vacuum pumps. Welch Ilmvac™ Labovac 10 Oil is ideal for a variety of applications. LABOVAC OIL 10L

Cole-Parmer™ Single-Syringe Infusion Pump

Use these pumps for low-flow, low-pressure applications where precision is needed. Cole-Parmer™ Single-Syringe Infusion Pumps feature microprocessor motor control and precision gearing. Syringe pump infusion single syringe 10?L to 60mL230V 50/60Hz 230mm(w) x 150mm(d) x 140mm(h)

Fisherbrand™ Standard Vacuum Pump

Use these pumps for a wide range of laboratory applications and continuous running. Fisherbrand™ Standard Vacuum Pumps provide a high water vapor tolerance, ideal for both research and routine applications. VACUUM PUMP STANDARD 33L/MIN 2MB

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Duty Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Use these pumps for a wide range of laboratory applications. Fisherbrand™ Chemical Duty Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps are ideal for applications involving aggressive solvents and acidic vapors. Diaphragm vacuum pump Fisherbrand chemicallyresistant ultimate vacuum <2 mbar 220V 50-60Hz

Fisherbrand™ FH10, FH15 and FH30 Peristaltic Tubing Pump

Enhanced and versatile performance in an ultra-compact, low-maintenance design. Fisherbrand™ FH10, FH15 and FH30 Peristaltic Tubing Pump provided complete with pump, motor, and control in a stackable steel housing. CTP300 peristaltic dual channel pump, 100RPM

Welch Ilmvac™ Oil Mist Filter Cartridge


Cole Parmer Masterflex™ L/S™ Platinum-Cured Silicone Precision Tubing

Ensure optimal performance from your Masterflex™ pump with this silicone pump tubing. Masterflex™ L/S™ Platinum-Cured Silicone Precision Tubing provides accurate, repeatable flow. Ideal for Pharmaceutical, biotech, peristaltic pumping and food applications. 7,5M TUBING SILICONE PLAT LS 13

SVL™ Sealing Ring for Butt Joint

Manufactured from silicone rubber X10 SEALING RINGS (FOR BUTT JOINT) JOINT SIZE

Integra Biosciences™ VACUSAFE Aspiration System

Use this aspiration system for the safe disposal of biological liquids. Integra Biosciences™ VACUSAFE Aspiration System is a compact, all-in-one laboratory vacuum pump, providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste. Vacusafe Aspiration system with integrated pump, glass collection bottle 3l and level detection

Vacuubrand™ MD 4C NT +AK+EK Diaphragm Pump

Chemistry Vaccum System MD4CNT+AK+EK

Buchi™ Connecting Piece

Connecting piece

Watson Marlow™ Peristaltic Pump

Choose from a wide range of pumps ideal for shear sensitive fluids, viscous sludges or slurries, and aggressive acids and caustics. Watson Marlow™ Peristaltic Pumps are accurate, low maintenance peristaltic dosing and metering pumps. Simple to install, easy to use. Peristaltic pump 520Du/R digital/analogue/manualcontrol variable speed 220-240V 50/60Hz 0.1 to

BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps: Oil Mist Filters

Oil Mist Filers and replacements for VACUUBRAND Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps OUTLET FILTER NW25

BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump: RZ6

Designed from the ground-up for use in laboratory applications ROTARY VANE PUMP 5,7M3/H 2.10-3MBHz CEE

Buerkle™ Universal Barrel Spanner

Opens tight barrel lids with ease. Buerkle™ Universal Barrel Spanner effortlessly opens lids with closures between 19.05mm and 50.8mm in diameter. Constructed of unbreakable zinc-plated steel. UNIVERSAL-FAßSCHLÜSSEL , 3/4'-2'