Incubators, Hot Plates, Baths and Heating

HUBER™ TC50-F Immersion Chiller

For many applications immersion coolers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to mains water cooling. The TC immersion coolers are suitable for unsupervised use, for cooling tasks which require continuous cooling or as a variant with temperature control and a Pt100 probe. TC50-F IMMERSION COOLER

Thermo Scientific™ Shake 'n' Stack™ Hybridization Ovens

Conserve valuable space in your lab with these ovens, featuring a stackable, space-saving design with excellent uniformity ideal for molecular biology labs. Hybaid Shake'n'Stack oven NEW MODEL (includes 10bottle capacity rotisserie, adjustable feet, drip

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens

Carry out multiple applications with this advanced protocol oven, which features temperature uniformity and low energy-consumption. OVEN ADVANCED MECHANICAL OMH180 180L 50-330°C

Memmert™ Flush Fit Unit with Air Slot


Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ Algae Protection

0.2 LT Algae protection Huber 61720.1L

Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm™ Oven Accessories and Options

Choose from a range of accessories and options for Vacutherm™ ovens to meet application-specific requirements.


Binder™ Two Doors with Window and Interior Lighting

Provides visibility and illumination for climate chambers. Viewing window and interior lighting - 400 V option model, viewing window in each door, 470 x 290 mm

HUBER™ KISS 215B Heating Bath Circulator

Heating bath circulators with a stainless steel bath allow the temperature control of internal and external thermoregulation tasks. Items can be directly thermoregulated by placing them in a thermostat bath and the control of externally connected applications is also possible. Bath thermostat KISS 215B, 15l, 25-200 °C, 2kW, stainless steel bath

Nabertherm High-Temperature Furnace, 1750 HT Series

Whether for quartz glass or glass ceramics, for sintering CIM components or for other processes up to a maximum temperature of 1750 °C, these furnaces afford the optimal solution for the sintering process. HIGH-TEMPERATURE FURNACE HT 128/17/P470, TMAX 1750°C

Memmert™ Forced-air Convection Oven with TwinDISPLAY

Entry port, 23 mm, standard position left centre/centre for Ufplus

Carbolite™ LHT Benchtop Oven

High-temperature laboratory oven. Carbolite™ LHT Benchtop Oven is available in three sizes and three maximum operating temperatures. OVEN 400°C 60L 301

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ Hotplate Series

Get exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols. Cimarec+ basic 18cm x 18cm ceramic top hotplate, 230V, 50/60Hz

Binder™ Aluminum Chamber Rack

For use with standard boxes. Chamber rack, aluminum - for 6x4 standard boxes (50 mm), dimensions: H 331 x W 139 x D 558 mm

IKA™ DB 7.1 Block


Memmert™ Excellent Series Water Baths

Protect laboratory and samples, even at high temperatures. Memmert™ Excellent Series Water Baths offer multiple temperature protection through corrosion-resistant stainless steel and precise electronics. WATERBATH WPE45 45L 10-95°C

Fisherbrand™ Anodized Aluminum Blocks

Useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings. Fisherbrand™ Anodized Aluminum Blocks are for use with Fisherbrand Digital Block Heaters.

Nabertherm Weighing Furnace, L 9/11/SW

Designed especially for combustion loss determination in the laboratory. The included software records both the temperature and the weight loss. MUFFLE WEIGHING FURNACE L9/11/SW C450, TMAX. 1100°C

Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Kit

Enables a round bottom flaskto be stirred and heated through precise electronic control. Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Kit gives an accurate measure of temperature and stirring. Digi-Mantle-Kit 1,000mL capacity

Binder™ Reinforced Fan

To increase air change rates in Binder™ incubators and chambers. Fan, reinforced - to increase air exchange rate

IKA™ Operating unit

Bedienteil inkl. Platine

Stuart™ Aluminum Hotplate Stirrer

Use these economic general purpose hotplate stirrers for a variety of applications Stuart™ Aluminum Hotplate Stirrers are designed to maximize safety and performance. STIRRER/HOTPLATE,DIGITAL,ALUMINIUM TOP 38

Stuart™ Shaking Water Bath Stainless Steel Rack

Rack Stuart SBS40/10 for 25 x 50mL centrifuge

Binder™ Stainless Steel Shelf

Binder™ Stainless Steel Shelf for use with various Binder™ incubators, chambers, and freezers. Shelf, perforated - stainless steel

Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Bath™ Incubator Modular Blocks

For use with Thermo Scientific Dri-Bath Incubators BLOCK ALU 12 TUBE 18MM

HUBER™ Variostat Refrigerated Heating Bath Circulator

Controls the temperature of any size bath from -30°C to +150°C. The special construction allows flexibility for the user in a number of different applications. With the VPC pressure/suction pump, the circulation of the respective bath sizes can be adapted for optimal results. VARIOSTAT WITH PILOT ONE

Stuart™ Gabled Lid

Lid Techne for 18 and 26 litre baths gabled

OHAUS™ Tube Block

OHAUS™ Tube Block is constructed of Valox 357 Plastic and accomodates a variety of tubes. Block For 8 X 15 mL Conical Tubes

Nabertherm High Temperature Tube Furnace RHTC

Compact tube furnaces with SiC rod heating and integrated switchgear and controller. High-quality fiber insulation ensures fast heating and cooling times while the SiC heating rods installed parallel to the working tube ensure excellent temperature uniformity. HIGH TEMPERATURE TUBE FURNACE RHTC80/450/15 B410,TMAX 1500°C

Grant Instruments™ TC120 Series Digital Heated Circulating Bath, Stainless Steel Tank

Versatile mid-range Optima heated circulator and stainless steel tank with comprehensive specification to suit most applications for precision temperature control. THERMOSTATIC CIRCULATOR BATH GRANT OPTIMA GENERALpurpose digital with pump stainless steel tank,

Nabertherm Muffle Furnace L Series

Heating elements on support tubes radiating freely into the furnace chamber provide for particularly short heating times. Robust lightweight refractory brick insulation allows a maximum working temperature of 1300 °C. FURNACE L 9/13/C450