Facility Maintenance and Safety

Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech Science™ Delicate Task Wipes

Provides high-performance cleaning in the laboratory. Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech Science™ Delicate Task Wipes are suitable for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. X15 Box of 200 Delicate task wipes, white

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Straight Blunt/Sharp Dissecting Scissors

For precision and quality, use Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Straight Blunt/Sharp Dissecting Scissors, available in premium and standard grades. SHANDON DISSECTING SCISSORS, STANDARD 6.5 IN

Cole-Parmer™ Deep Ledge Utility Cart

Use these durable utility carts for a variety of general laboratory storage and transportation. Cole-Parmer™ Deep Ledge Utility Cart fabricated from a tough, high-density polyethylene and provide an excellent chemical resistance to most substances, including most acids and bases TROLLEY HDPE AND STEEL ON SWIVEL CASTERS,adjustable centre shelves blue shelf: 832mm x

Fisherbrand™ Dissecting Scissors

Use these scissors for a variety of applications. S Murray™ Dissecting Scissors are suitable for theatre, ward, veterinary, dental and chiropody use. Dissecting Scissors

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Cellulose Precision Wipers

Ideal for light duty cleaning. Kimberly Clark™ Cellulose Precision Wipers are for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. X15 BOX 196 KIMTECH WIPE

Fisherbrand™ Curved-Blade Operating Scissors

Use these scissors for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Curved-Blade Operating Scissors are forged from surgical-grade stainless steel. Pinzette, stumpf L=160 mmResearch use only - not suitable

SAMCO™ Stainless Steel Scissors

Use these scissors for a wide range of applications. S Murray™ SAMCO™ Stainless Steel Scissors are available in a variety of blade and tip styles to meet your needs. Saks, lige, med spidse ender Rustfrit stål,150mm, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and durability. Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets are ideal for transport, packaging and storing of a wide range of materials. BUCKET PACKAGING PP 5L

Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper

Designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper guards against damage from acids, toxic, corrosive and radioactive fluids and impacts. X100 ABSORBENT PAPER 46 X 57 CM

Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ X60 Hydroknit™ Cloths

Reusable high absorbency wipe, strong and durable. Kimberly Clark™ Professional WypAll™ X60 Hydroknit™ Cloths are ideal for light-duty clean-up of adhesive, oil. 12X 76 SHEETS WYPALL 30,5X31,8CM HYDRANIT380MM (PACK OF 600) WYPALL X60 WHITE QUARTER FOLD

S Murray™ SAMCO™ Dressing Scissors

Use these scissors for a variety of applications. S Murray™ SAMCO™ Dressing Scissors comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, with full traceability maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Scissors straight with blunt rounded ends, 125mm, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Fisherbrand™ MagLab™ Storage Set

Create storage space without crowding limited workspace. Fisherbrand™ MagLab™ Storage Set uses magnetic mounting to store miscellaneous lab and office supplies off the benchtop. Four storage units constructed of durable, colored ABS plastic. STORAGE SET MAGLAB(TM) COMPLETE LABset of4 MagLab(TM) magnetic holders,ABS assorted

Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Fabric Wipers

Used for general cleaning and drying tasks. Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Fabric Wipers are thick, highly absorbent layered fabric that cleans up fast without falling apart. X24 WYPALL* L20 Extra+ Wiper Small Roll 1ply White

Brady™ Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Label Cartridges

Adheres to irregular, rough and curved surfaces BOX OF M21-500-595-YL LABEL BLCK ON YLW 12,7MM X 6,40M

Reitenspiess™ Erlenmeyer Flasks and Bottles Brush

Reitenspiess™ Erlenmeyer Flasks and Bottles Brush – has a 60mm head size and is a useful tool in the laboratory for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing Ehrlenmeyer laboratory glassware. Erlenmeyer flask and bottle brush 60 mm

Fisherbrand™ Thermal Printer Paper

Use this paper for a variety of printing applications. x1 Thermal printer paper

Fisherbrand™ Premoistened Wipes

Nonwoven cloth wipes available dry, or premoistened with 100% pure deionized water or a blend of pure reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water X100 Clean wipes Fisherbrand premoistened wipes,

Kimberly-Clark™ Kimcare™ Interfold Medical Wipes

Provides high-performance cleaning for medical applications. Kimberly-Clark™ Kimcare™ Interfold Medical Wipes are made from 100% recycled tissue. X5280 Medical Wipes, interfolded, white66 Cartons x 80 Sheets

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Black Ink Lab Markers

Mark on glass, plastic and metal with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Black Ink Lab Markers, recommended for use with Nalgene™ Polyolefin paper, notebooks and labels. X12 LAB MARKER

Brady™ LABXPERT™ Printer Labels

Specialty laboratory labels designed for use with these specific label printers ROLL OF X175 LABEL PROTECTED 57X38X32MM

Kimberly-Clark™ SCOTT™ PERFORMANCE Maxi Jumbo Toilet Tissue Rolls

Dissolves in cold water to prevent blocked drains. Kimberly-Clark™ SCOTT™ PERFORMANCE Maxi Jumbo Toilet Tissue Rolls reduce maintenance, costs and waste. X6 RLX 380 M PAPIER TOILETTE SCOT

Brady™ BBP™ Heavy-Duty Print Ribbon

BBP™ Heavy-Duty B30 Series “Drop & Click” print ribbons enable 5-second ribbon supply changes. No calibrating, no threading, no waste, no hassles and the ink always faces the right direction! BOX OF RIBBON B30-R10000-OR

Linden™ Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

Ideal for memory backup or LCD type applications requiring micro amps. Linden™ Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries have a shelf life of up to 10 years.
X5 BATTERY LITHIUM MANGANESE DIOXIDE BUTTON style3style3V 180mAh capacity (pack of 5)

UVP High Gloss Thermal Printer Paper

For use with Mitsubishi Digital thermal and UP-D897 Sony Digital Thermal Printers. X5 PAPER UPP110HG PRINTER FOR UP-D895 PRINTERsuper glossy (pack of 5)

S Murray™ SAMCO™ Dissecting Scissors

Use these scissors for a variety of applications. S Murray™ SAMCO™ Dissecting Scissors feature fine points, open shanks and stainless steel construction. Scissors straight with fine points open shanksstainless steel 112mm length, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Fisherbrand™ Biohazard Warning Tape

Ideal for taping down bench protectors to delineate hazardous areas. Fisherbrand Biohazard Warning tape, 12.7m

Fisherbrand™ Permanent Markers, Assorted

Write on all surfaces X12 Permanent marker pen set Fisherbrand produces

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimwipes™ Delicate Task Wipers

Clean and polish delicate surfaces without scratching or leaving residue. Single-ply Kimwipes™ EX-L wipes are made of a finely textured tissue. Come in a convenient Pop-U™ box with antistatic Lintguard™ polyshield. X60 BOXES OF 280 KIMWIPES® EX-L, 4-1/2' X 8-1/2'

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Cable Ties

X1000 Ties PP black 20X5.4CM